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can still use this website to improve your knowledge and/or prepare for the ISTQB
Certification Exams.

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The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) provides industry recognized certifications for software testers from foundations to more advanced. The webinars I created will help you get certified.

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Feel free to browse all the software testing information available on this website. I have gathered many helpful resources that will guide you in your learning.

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    This space shows my passions and what makes me tick. I discuss guitar playing, books I like to read, and photography.

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    Automating tests is such an enjoyable activity to me that I do not consider it work. Here are some educational resources for you to explore.

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    Here is the music that I like to listen to and the artists, groups, and bands that I enjoy. In addition, what I am listening to on Spotify.

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